Cubby Houses

The Lifespan Kids cubby houses are intended to provide a safe and healthy setting for your kids

If you’re after a cubby house for your backyard and you want one that is designed with safety and quality in mind, then look no further than Lifespan Kids. We support a healthy and active lifestyle for Australian families and all of our cubby houses provide exactly that. Kids cubby houses can come in different shapes, sizes and designs depending on what you’re after. Lifespan Kids has a wide range of kids playground equipment to complement your kids cubby houses, including swing sets and trampolines.We understand the importance of having playground equipment in your backyard that passes safety rules and regulations. For more on our cubby houses, contact us today.

Kids cubby houses are a fantastic option for fun and games in your backyard, and we supply them to you at an affordable price

Cubby houses are always a terrific addition to any backyard. Lifespan Kids provides a minimum full 12 month warranty on all of our products, and we take pride in the service we provide. Each and every product has gone through the strictest quality control measures. Whether you’re interested in a sand pit or a cubby house, we will make sure that you’re happy.

At Lifespan Kids, we’re always available for support before and after you purchase, so contact us today.