Lifespan Kids understands the need for kids to have a fun and healthy lifestyle. Shop our fantastic range of swing sets now.

Our swing sets and wooden swing sets come in a range of sizes and styles for kids of all ages

Swing sets are one of the more popular playground options for kids and we offer you a flexible range that varies in style and size. We stock a number of well-known brands including Kingsford, Burke and Holt with the aim of providing the most affordable and high-quality playground equipment in Australia. All our swing sets complement any other playground equipment from Lifespan Kids. Whether it’s a cubby house, a springless trampoline, a sandpit or a regular trampoline, they all look great together in your backyard. Like every other item we offer, our swing sets go through a strict quality control procedure to ensure the safety of your kids and the longevity of our product. For any questions on our kids swing sets, contact us today.

Huge range of swing sets at affordable prices. You can find our great swing sets Australia wide

At Lifespan Kids, we know kids swing sets. From steel to plastic to wooden swing sets, we’ve got them all. Our experience and expertise in the outdoor play equipment industry has allowed us to be the market-leader for nearly a decade when it comes to providing swing sets and other products. All of our swing sets are galvanised and welded with high quality steel to provide the best and safest playground equipment for your children. The kids swing sets are all available in different sizes and setups to ensure your child is having fun.

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