Mega Spacious Cubby House

Our Warrigal is a massive, spacious, almost 3m tall cubby house packed withlots of
features. The versatility provides years of fun, 361cm x 227cm x 291cm (L x W x H).

  • Inner Cubby House: 120cm (Depth) x 180cm (W) x 181cm (H)
  • Sandpit: 190cm x 180cm x 24cm (L x W x H)

Wavy Slide & Climbing Rock

Our Wavy Slide & Climbing Rock allows for an awesome
climb and slide experience for all thrill seekers!

Built-in Sandpit/Ballpit

Our efficient design allows for a large sandpit or ball pit underneath the Warrigal Cubby house, with a big 1.8m x 1.9m play area.

Sandpit Cover

Keep your Sandpit clean and covered

These lids/covers come in multiple sections that makes it easy to take on & off, and is easy to store away when the sandpit is in use.


Noughts & Crosses Game

A game for all ages, the classic Noughts and Crosses is a great learning tool for all developing minds.



A chalkboard for creativity.


Safe Plastic Windows

Our Warrigal comes with safe, plastic windows that can be opened or closed.


Treated Timber with UV Protection

The timber used for our Warrigal is treated via high temperature drying,degreasing and is stained against wood rot and insect damage.It comes UV protected to withstand the harsh Aussie sun.

Passes International Standards

We know how important safety is for your kids, our Cubby Houses passes International EN71 Safety Standards.

Treated Timber

The timber used in our Warrigal Cubby House is treated via high temperature drying, degreasing and is stained against wood rot and insect damage.

Warrigal Cubby House

A lifetime of fun, exciting memories to be made, right in your own home & backyard.