Bucket Seat Green
    Everyone's playing on the same swing set with the Green Bucket Seat. Your little one will have a...
    Baby Seat with Rope Extension (Green)
    Let toddlers join in on the big kids swing set with this Green Baby Seat attachment. This seat...
      Encourage your little acrobat with this Trapeze attachment for any of our wooden and metal swing sets. Improve...
      Bobcat Foldable Baby Metal Swing Set
      Strap in the little one for a fun and safe swing on the Lifespan Kids Bobcat Foldable Baby...
      Swish Trampoline Basketball Ring
      Start making slam dunks with the Swish Trampoline Basketball Ring. Trampoline basketball is so much fun and keeps...
      Trampoline Anchor Kit (Steel Buckles)
      Strap in for a sturdier bounce with the Steel Buckle Trampoline Anchor Kit. Protect your trampoline from damage...
      Belt Swing
        These durable Belt Swings are for the adventurous kids looking for a thrill. The belt swing is a...
        Rung Rope Ladder
          How's the view at the top? Foster your little explorer's curiosity with the Rung Rope Ladder. Attachable to...
          Lil' Hopper Childrens 40" Mini Trampoline
          Our Lil' Hopper Trampoline is compact and perfect for all little hoppers looking for their first trampoline. Colourful...
          Bubble See Saw
            Maximum bounce! That's what we've packed into the Bubble See Saw. The bouncy ball mounted beneath each seat...
            Encourage your little jungle explorer with the Knotted Climbing Rope attachment for our swing sets and play centres....
            Buzzer Beater Basketball Set
            Start shooting hoops with the Buzzer Beater kids indoor basketball ring. Teach your little superstars the fundamentals of...
            Swing Seat
              Find a swing to match your little one's personality. These Swing Seats come in a number of colours,...
              Ship's Steering Wheel
                Yarr! The waves are choppy, but we have our best navigator at the helm to keep us on...
                Let your little driver take charge with this Yellow Steering Wheel attachment. Mounted to any of our play...
                Baby Seat with Rope Extensions (Red)
                Let toddlers join in on the big kids swing set with this Red Baby Seat attachment. This seat...
                Strongbox 2 Square Sandpit
                Your little ones will find all the fun and creativity of a day at the beach with the...
                Jump on and go for a wild ride with the Red Monkey Swing. Your little ones have the...
                TP Quadpod® Baby Swing Seat
                TP Toys Quadpod®, 1 swing seat, 4 modes, endless fun! The ages stated are guides only and will...
                  I spy with my little eye: something beginning with 'T'. Mount this Telescope attachment to any of our...
                    Gaze out over mountain peaks or through the dense jungle with a Binoculars attachment. Mounted to any of...
                    Take off towards adventures down the 1.8m Green Slide. Easy to install, attach our 1.8m slide to any...
                    Add a pinch of nostalgia to your swing set with the Pine Wooden Seat attachment. Your little ones...
                    Little Builder Playset 2
                    Give your little architect the tools they need to start building sand masterpieces with the Little Builder Playset....
                    Spidey Web Swing 60cm
                      Jump on and soar for a wild ride on the 60cm Spidey Web Swing. Little daredevils will tear...
                      Twirl See Saw
                        Partner up for a wild ride on the Twirl See Saw. Our see saws add a horizontal rotation...
                        Bazoongi Learning Cottage
                        Start School early with the Bazoongi Learning Cottage. Your little one will love getting prepared for starting school...
                        1.2m Standalone Slide - Green
                        Little learners can have so much fun zipping down the 1.2m Green Slide. The perfect attachment to any...
                        Turn any outdoor play wall into a cliff face for young climbers to conquer with this Small Climbing...
                        Stabilise your backyard play equipment with this Anchor Kit. Anchors dig into the ground so the play equipment...
                        Break out the picnic basket! The Pepper Picnic Table lets your kids entertain their little guests. The perfect...
                        It's safety first with this Plastic Handle Pair. Available in a range of fun colours, these handles are...
                        Make safety a priority and give your little ones a hand with this Metal Handle Pair. Mounted to...
                        Multi Functional Easel by Classic World
                        This foldable easel has a chalkboard and magnetic whiteboard for children to create nice drawings. The scale on...
                        Let your little climbers scale a cliff face to enter their cubby with this Large Climbing Rock Set....
                        Woodworx Junior Workbench
                        Little hands make big inventions come to life with the Woodworx Junior Workbench. The little ones can have...
                        Woodworx Workbench
                          Get inventive in the workshop with the Woodworx Workbench. Little carpenters can play pretend on this vibrant, colourful...
                          Keep a clean deck with the hard wooden Boat Sandpit cover. Hard wooden lids/covers are perfect for keeping...
                          Hold on tight for a thrilling spin with the Twizler Swing attachment for any of our swing sets....
                          Keep your sand clean and pristine with a segmented, easy to remove hard wooden cover. Perfect for keeping...
                          Learning Walker by Classic World
                          Complete child's interactive toy! Features include xylophone (including matter), 3D shape sorter, workable gears, mirror, and storage compartment....
                          Doll Cradle by Classic World
                          Children can pretend play with this precious rocking cradle. Just add their favorite doll and let their imagination...
                          Bazoongi Knight Castle
                            Assemble the knights of the round table to face off against a fearsome dragon in the Bazoongi Knight...
                            Starplay Slide with Ladder
                            The Starplay Children Slide is just fun for your little ones. Easy assembly. Light & easy to move....
                            Multi Activity Cube by Classic World
                            This wooden multi-activity cube toy is designed to help develop essential early learning skills in children. There are...
                            Koko Tent
                              Camp out in the living room with the classic look Koko Tent. Kids can setup camp, tell campfire...
                              Blossom Flower Box
                                Let's get educational! The Blossom Flower Box gives kids the opportunity to learn about nature and biology by...
                                Starplay Trio Rocker in Yellow
                                Get the Starplay Trio Rocker for a fun-filled and enjoyable playtime outdoors for your little ones and their...
                                Amazon Monkey Bars Swing Bar only (1.2m)
                                Encourage little gymnasts to find their bearings by adding a 1.2m Swing Bar to outdoor play equipment. Install...
                                Torpedo Balance Bike
                                  Baby Walker with Blocks by Classic World
                                  Inspire movement during play, with this fabulous "Build and Play" push walker with learning block activity set. Introduce...
                                  Rider and Walker by Classic World
                                  This speed car-shaped baby walker with colourful basic shaped blocks will give your child joyful experience when learning...
                                  Our Dual Glider is great fun for two youngsters to soar and play together. This Round Bracket is...
                                  Rocking Horse by Classic World
                                  Our sturdy wooden classic "Rocking Horse" design is perfect for your toddler to take a fun ride! Your...
                                  Toaster Set by Classic World
                                  This toaster set is complete with toast, butter, plates, wooden knives, and yogurt. Remember breakfast is the most...
                                  Starplay Trio Rocker in Pink
                                  Get the Starplay Trio Rocker for a fun-filled and enjoyable playtime outdoors for your little ones and their...
                                  Starplay Trio Rocker in Blue
                                  Get the Starplay Trio Rocker for a fun-filled and enjoyable playtime outdoors for your little ones and their...
                                  This is a test item!
                                  Teddy Cubby House Timber Floor
                                  Add an extra level of comfort to the Teddy Cubby House with the tidy Timber floor. If your...
                                  Keep this sandpit shipshape with a hard wooden cover. Perfect for keeping pets and other messy animals out...
                                  TP 3 in 1 Activity Swing Seat
                                  The swing that has it all! You can sit, swing, hang or stand on our versatile Activity Swing...
                                  Cupcake Stand by Classic World
                                  Our pretty pink cupcake stand includes 6 wooden cakes and treats with interchangeable tops and bottoms. Make your...
                                  Keep this sandpit shipshape with a hard wooden cover. Perfect for keeping pets and other messy animals out...
                                  Dash Vespa Balance Bike
                                  Mixer by Classic World
                                  Why not prepare a little dessert for your mom and dad to enjoy? Now it's possible with this...
                                  Basketball Hoop Adaptor for Metal Swing Sets
                                  Shoot some hoops in any backyard with this bracket attachment for metal swings. You can attach a basketball...
                                  Winchester Cubby House Sandpit Cover
                                  Sand is more fun when its fresh and clean. Add an extra layer of protection to the Winchester...
                                  Baby Walker by Classic World
                                  Your little girl will enjoy pretend play and use her imagination, as she pushes her favorite baby doll...
                                  Retro Mixer by Classic World
                                  This retro style mixer is a great addition to your retro kitchen. Timeless style and great play function...
                                  Basketball Hoop Adaptor for Timber Swing Sets
                                  Shoot some hoops in any backyard with this bracket attachment for timber swings. You can attach a basketball...
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