NDIS Funding for Kids Play Equipment

At Lifespan Kids, we are dedicated towards providing Australian families with safe and high-quality play equipment designed to last throughout your little one’s childhood. For over 10 years, Lifespan Kids has provided a large selection of indoor and outdoor equipment ranging from Trampolines, Cubby Houses. Play Centers, Indoor Toys and more.

Lifespan Kids offers a range of assistive play equipment for children with a disability or developmental delays. Our selection of early development toys assists children with developing sensory and cognitive skills at home. Our toys use bright colours and unique shapes to enhance children's sense of sight through visual stimulation and encourage critical thinking. For older children, our range of climbing frames, monkey bars and drawing boards helps to develop critical motor skills and improve hand-eye-coordination. For kids living with disabilities, developmental toys go a long way in providing children with the support and tools they need to learn and grow.


What is NDIS?

NDIS is a government funded scheme that provides all people living with disability with access to information and services offered in each state and territory. The NDIS scheme includes people with intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive and psychosocial disabilities. To claim assistance under the NDIS scheme, people living with a disability are required to sign up and get approval by the NDIS before receiving funding.

The NDIS scheme works to help a child reach their goals, enable participation in the community and increase a child's independence. Your child does not need a diagnosis to get support.

Next Steps

EligibilityAfter confirming your eligibility for the NDIS scheme your GP or health professional will discuss support options for your child. They will put you in touch with a NDIS representative called an early childhood partner who will meet with you to discuss and assess your child’s needs, then develop an NDIS plan.

QuoteA quote and supporting letter will be provided by us.

ApprovalYou or your early childhood partner can send the quote and support letter to an NDIS Provider for approval.

Approval & PaymentOnce approval is received, an invoice will be sent to either the NDIA direct or your plan manager for payment. If you are self-managed, you can pay and claim back from the NDIA.

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