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    Pikler climbing frames are specialised structures designed explicitly with the developmental needs of young kids in mind.

    Pikler Climbing ArchPikler Climbing Arch
      The Pikler Arch Climbing Frame is a fantastic addition to any child's play space, tailored for youngsters aged...
      Pikler Climbing Frame Package with Slide, Cube & TrianglePikler Climbing Frame Package with Slide, Cube & Triangle
      Experience the difference of tactile, active play with our Pikler Climbing Frame Package, featuring a Slide, Cube and...
      Pikler Climbing Frame Package with Slide & TrianglePikler Climbing Frame Package with Slide & Triangle
      Engage in an exciting hands-on adventure with our Pikler Climbing Frame Package, featuring a Slide and Triangle. Suitable...
      Pikler Climbing Slide/RampPikler Climbing Slide/Ramp
      Invest in quality and creativity with our Pikler Slide/Ramp Attachment, designed to seamlessly integrate with the Pikler Climbing...
      Pikler Climbing CubePikler Climbing Cube
        Experience an engaging, hands-on playtime with Pikler Climbing Frame Cube, a play structure designed for children aged 3...
        Pikler Climbing TrianglePikler Climbing Triangle
          Elevate your child's playtime with the Pikler Climbing Frame. With premium quality construction, this sturdy triangular climbing frame...

          Pikler Climbing Frames

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          Pikler Climbing Frames FAQ

          Firstly, assess the size and space available in your home or outdoor area to ensure the climbing frame fits comfortably. Consider the age and developmental stage of your child to select an appropriate size and complexity of the climbing frame. Also look at safety features such as rounded edges, sturdy construction and non-toxic materials. Look for adjustable options that can grow with your child and accommodate varying skill levels. Finally, consider any additional attachments or accessories that may enhance your child's play experience.

          Pikler climbing frames are built to strict Australian safety standards, ensuring the safety of your family. These frames typically feature sturdy wooden construction of birchwood and plywood, designed with rounded edges to minimise the risk of injury. This design is less likely to splinter or crack and is also environmentally friendly, derived from replenishable sources.

          The specific age range may vary depending on the individual child's developmental abilities and interests. Typically, Pikler climbing frames are recommended for children 3 years and older. With adjustable features and varying levels of complexity, Pikler climbing frames can continue to engage and challenge children up to around six years old and beyond.

          Pikler climbing frames can be placed both indoors and outdoors, depending on your preference and available space. Indoors, consider setting up the climbing frame in a playroom or living area where your child can safely enjoy supervised play. Outdoors, choose a flat, level surface away from obstructions and hazards such as trees, fences or hard surfaces. Ensure adequate space around the climbing frame for safe movement and play.

          Yes, we offer convenient payment options, including Zippay to make purchasing a Pikler climbing frame more accessible and manageable for our customers. With these flexible payment plans, you can spread the cost of your purchase over time, allowing you to provide your child with a quality climbing frame without financial strain. Please check our website or contact us directly for more information on available payment options.

          Pikler Climbing Frames

          There are so many reasons to love climbing frames. Not only are they great tactile fun for your kids but are vital tools for their development. Pikler climbing frames are specialised structures designed explicitly with the developmental needs of young kids in mind.

          These structures offer an outlet for physical activity, exploration and imaginative play, all of which are crucial for a child's holistic development. The Pikler range have been specifically designed to facilitate a child's physical, cognitive and emotional growth.

          Unlike generic climbing frames, Pikler climbing frames are tailored to suit the developmental milestones of young children. They provide a safe, secure environment for kids to engage in activities that promote motor skills, balance, coordination and spatial awareness. By encouraging free and unstructured play, Pikler climbing frames build on your child's natural creativity and problem-solving abilities.

          Browse Our Pikler Climbing Frames

          Explore our premium selection of Pikler climbing frames, crafted to inspire active play and foster developmental growth in children. Our wooden climbing frames offer a range of options to suit every child's unique interest and ability.

          Engage young climbers with the challenging angles of the climbing triangle. For extra variety, try the climbing slide/ramp attachment. Encourage creative play and physical development with our versatile climbing cube or add a touch of excitement to your playroom with our climbing arch. For an extra dimension, reach new heights with the dome climber. When selecting a Pikler climbing frame, look out for safety features such as smooth, splinter-free surfaces and sturdy construction. Look for compatibility with slide attachments to enhance playtime variety.

          Browse our collection today and start creating the perfect playtime for your family.

          Why buy a Pikler Climbing Frame?

          Through engaging in climbing, children build essential motor skills, enhance coordination and improve balance, laying a strong foundation for physical literacy. Moreover, Pikler climbing frames promote social play, fostering valuable interactions and cooperation with peers. As children navigate the various challenges presented by the climbing frame, they also develop problem-solving skills and spatial awareness.

          The versatility of Pikler climbing frames allows for indoor setup, ensuring uninterrupted play even in different weather conditions. Crafted from durable wooden materials, Pikler climbing frames promise longevity, providing enduring enjoyment and developmental benefits for your child.

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