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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Inflatables

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Inflatables
Inflatables are an increasingly popular option for an outdoor play setting. They're easy to set up and pack down, they're portable, and they make for endless hours of active playtime that kids love. Ensuring the longevity and safety of these inflatables requires a proactive approach to maintenance. Neglecting proper care can not only impact their performance but also pose safety risks. That's why we're here to explore five essential tips to help you maintain your inflatables effectively, making sure your kids can safely enjoy them for years to come. These maintenance practices will not only extend the life of your inflatables but also contribute to a safer and more enjoyable play experience.

Proper Setup


When it comes to inflatables, a proper setup lays the foundation for a safe and enjoyable play experience. Ensure you set up your inflatable on a flat and level surface. This minimises the risk of uneven weight distribution and helps prevent accidental falls or injuries. Avoid areas with sharp objects or debris that could potentially damage the inflatable material.

It's also important to anchor your inflatable securely, especially for larger structures like air trampolines or slide and splash inflatables. Use appropriate anchors and follow the product manual for securing the inflatable to the ground. This not only stabilises the structure during use but also prevents potential tipping or displacement caused by wind or vigorous play.

Correct Storage

Properly storing your inflatables is vital for their longevity and performance. When packing up, adhere to the guidelines product manual for deflation and folding, ensuring a careful and precise process to prevent stress on seams and material. Correct packing procedures not only make setup easy in the future but also prevents unnecessary damage. Equally important is avoiding exposure to the elements. Try to prevent leaving inflatables outside when not in use. While all our inflates are constructed with UV-resistant materials and double-stitching for extra strength, prolonged sunlight, rain and other weather conditions can lead to material deterioration and reduced durability. Store your inflatables in a dry and cool environment to shield them from UV rays and potential weather-related damage, preserving their quality for continued safe and enjoyable use.

Follow Usage Guidelines


We advise supervising children during play and to make sure they're adhering to recommended usage practices, such as limiting user capacity and discouraging rough play. This oversight helps prevent accidents and maintains a controlled play environment. For water-based inflatables, make note of additional guidelines for safe water play, especially with extra young kids. Lastly, try to avoid extensive sun exposure to minimise damage to materials.

These usage guidelines contribute significantly to the overall safety and longevity of your inflatables, fostering a positive and secure play environment for all.

Regular Inspections

Conducting regular inspections is a crucial aspect of ensuring the ongoing safety and functionality of your inflatables. First and foremost, check the pump or blower regularly to ensure it is operating efficiently and maintaining proper air pressure for optimal inflation. A malfunctioning pump can compromise the inflatable's structural integrity, posing safety hazards. Remember to inspect the inflatable for signs of wear and tear, including punctures, loose seams or damaged netting. Regular cleaning is equally important, removing dirt and debris to extend the inflatable's lifespan and provide a hygienic play area for your family. Consistent attention to these details guarantees a safe and enjoyable experience with your inflatables over the long term.

Establish Emergency Protocols


Ensuring the safety of inflatable play involves preparing for unforeseen circumstances. One crucial aspect is establishing clear emergency protocols, particularly for quickly deflating inflatables during adverse weather events. Communicate and rehearse these procedures with your family to guarantee a swift and coordinated response in case of unexpected challenges. By having well-defined protocols, such as deflating inflatables during storms or sudden weather changes, you increase the overall safety of users and minimise potential risks. Additionally, make sure that everyone responsible for the inflatable's operation is familiar with these emergency measures, reinforcing a proactive and prepared approach to unexpected situations.



Maintaining your inflatables is not just about preserving their lifespan but ensuring a safe and enjoyable play environment. Proper setup, correct storage practices, regular inspections and the establishment of emergency protocols are crucial components of responsible inflatable ownership. By dedicating attention to these aspects, you contribute to the durability of your inflatables and maintain the well-being of your family. Whether it's a trampoline, jumping castle or water slide, the longevity and safety of your inflatables depend on consistent care and proactive measures. By doing this, you ensure the creation of lasting memories without care or worry.

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