Cubby Furniture & Accessories

Add your own personal touch to transform your cubby house into a cubby home.

    I spy with my little eye: something beginning with ‘T’. Mount this Telescope attachment to any of our...
    Let your little driver take charge with this Yellow Steering Wheel attachment. Mounted to any of our play...
    Basketball Hoop Adaptor for Metal Swing Sets
    Shoot some hoops in any backyard with this bracket attachment for metal swings. You can attach a basketball...
    It’s safety first with this Plastic Handle Pair. Available in a range of fun colours, these handles are...
      Gaze out over mountain peaks or through the dense jungle with a Binoculars attachment. Mounted to any of...
      Basketball Hoop Adaptor for Timber Swing Sets
      Shoot some hoops in any backyard with this bracket attachment for timber swings. You can attach a basketball...
      Make safety a priority and give your little ones a hand with this Metal Handle Pair. Mounted to...
      Ship's Steering Wheel
        Yarr! The waves are choppy, but we have our best navigator at the helm to keep us on...
        Stabilise your backyard play equipment with this Anchor Kit. Anchors dig into the ground so the play equipment...
        Toaster Set by Classic World
        This toaster set is complete with toast, butter, plates, wooden knives, and yogurt. Remember breakfast is the most...
        Mixer by Classic World
        Why not prepare a little dessert for your mom and dad to enjoy? Now it’s possible with this...
        Cupcake Stand by Classic World
        Our pretty pink cupcake stand includes 6 wooden cakes and treats with interchangeable tops and bottoms. Make your...
        1.2m Standalone Slide - Green
        Little learners can have so much fun zipping down the 1.2m Green Slide. The perfect attachment to any...
        Bazoongi Rocket Tent
          Prepare for lift off with the Bazoongi Rocket Tent. Your little astronaut can go for an intergalactic adventure...
          Bazoongi Planetarium
            Gaze up at the stars in the Bazoongi Planetarium. Little astronomers will be so excited to learn about...
            Take off towards adventures down the 1.8m Green Slide. Easy to install, attach our 1.8m slide to any...
            Bazoongi Knight Castle
              Assemble the knights of the round table to face off against a fearsome dragon in the Bazoongi Knight...
              Bazoongi Fairy Princess Castle
              Escape into a world of magic in the Bazoongi Fairy Princess Castle. Your little ones will step into...
              Jolly TeePee
                Give your kids a comforting and secure place to find alone time with the Jolly Teepee. Our play...
                Dakota TeePee
                  Little ones can escape to the Dakota Teepee to let the world pass them by. Our teepees are...
                  Bazoongi Learning Cottage
                  Start School early with the Bazoongi Learning Cottage. Your little one will love getting prepared for starting school...
                  Koko Tent
                    Camp out in the living room with the classic look Koko Tent. Kids can setup camp, tell campfire...
                    Piccolo Play Kitchen
                      Yummy! Something smells good in the kitchen. The Piccolo Play Kitchen lets little cooks play pretend and bring...
                      Al Dente Play Kitchen
                        Start whipping up a scrumptious feast with the Al Dente Play Kitchen. This medium sized kitchen has everything...
                        Little daredevils will chase excitement down our 2.2m Slides. Made in the Netherlands, you can rest assured that...
                        Climbing Wall 1.3m Set
                          Give little mountaineers a fun way to climb with the 1.3m Climbing Wall. Climbing is a huge adventure...
                          Prestige V2 Play Kitchen
                            Encourage your little chef to get creative with the Prestige Play Kitchen. Heaps of appliances equip you for...
                            Pink Kitchen by Classic World
                            Your child will enjoy pretend play with this stylish, simple, modern kitchenette. Children will have fun as they...
                            It’s an exhilarating ride down our enormous 3m Slide. This is the perfect addition to any large cubby,...

                            Play Kitchens

                            Complete your cubby house with our extensive range of play kitchens for little chefs of all sizes.

                            RRP $149.00 | Save 21% $119.00
                            RRP $150.00 | Save 17% $125.00
                            RRP $169.00 | Save 21% $135.00
                            RRP $189.00 | Save 11% $169.00
                            RRP $240.00 | Save 18% $199.00
                            RRP $240.00 | Save 18% $199.00

                            Play Kitchen Accessories

                            RRP $35.00 | Save 29% $25.00
                            RRP $30.00 | Save 17% $25.00
                            RRP $32.00 | Save 22% $25.00
                            RRP $35.00 | Save 29% $25.00

                            Slide Attachments

                            Add a thrilling slippery slide exit to your cubby or play centre with our slide attachments.


                            Play Tents & Teepees

                            Get the cubby experience indoors with out of this world fantastical tents and teepees.

                            RRP $155.00 | Save 59% $65.00
                            RRP $169.00 | Save 60% $69.00
                            RRP $179.00 | Save 59% $75.00
                            RRP $179.00 | Save 59% $75.00
                            RRP $105.00 | Save 20% $85.00
                            RRP $105.00 | Save 20% $85.00
                            RRP $189.00 | Save 53% $89.00
                            RRP $119.00 | Save 17% $99.00

                            Play Equipment Accessories

                            Set your cubby apart with a range of unique and fun addons.

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