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How to Keep the Kids Entertained this Summer

How to Keep the Kids Entertained this Summer

The summer holidays call for creative and engaging ways to keep kids entertained. Today, we'll explore a variety of activities designed to make the most of the summer break. We'll go into a range of outdoor play options as well as water-based backyard adventures and family DIY projects. Lifespan Kids is your go-to resource for ensuring a season filled with laughter, playdates and unforgettable memories. Join us as we delve into our top picks to keep the little ones entertained all summer long.

Fun in the Sun


Summer offers many opportunities for outdoor play, coming with many benefits outside just a fun day out. Engaging in activities under the sun promotes an active lifestyle, keeping kids physically fit and energised. The sunlight during summer is an excellent source of Vitamin D, vital for the development of strong and healthy bones. At Lifespan Kids, we understand the significance of these benefits, and we are here to help you make the most of the season. Explore our range of outdoor play equipment and turn this summer into a time of active, sun-filled fun for your children.

Outdoor Activities

Boat Sandpit

Elevate the excitement of summer with a lineup of invigorating outdoor activities designed to keep kids active and entertained.

Bike Riding: Embrace the freedom of the outdoors with bike riding, providing not just a fun experience but also promoting physical fitness and coordination.

Swing Sets & Slides: Transform your backyard into a playground with swing sets and play centres, offering classic and thrilling play experiences that enhance balance and motor skills.

Sandpits: Stimulate imaginative play with sandpits, fostering creativity as children build castles, dig and explore. This activity not only entertains but also engages sensory experiences.

Monkey Bars: Challenge young adventurers with monkey bars, promoting upper body strength, coordination and confidence as they navigate through this exciting obstacle.

Explore these outdoor activities from Lifespan Kids, ensuring that your backyard becomes a place for laughter, exploration and physical development for children of all ages.

Water Based Backyard Activities

Shark Slide Splash Inflatable

Dive into the ultimate summer experience with water-based backyard activities that guarantee both fun and relief from the heat. Lifespan Kids offers a variety of inflatables, from vibrant water slides to playful pools, turning your backyard into a refreshing water wonderland for endless entertainment. Explore the interactive water toys such as play tables equipped with water features, providing a creative space for imaginative play and serving as an excellent means for kids to cool down during the warm summer days.

Family DIY Projects

Cubby House

Elevate family bonding this summer through engaging and creative DIY projects that bring a personal touch to your outdoor haven. A cubby makeover is a great collaborative activity for kids to express their creativity, turning their play space into a uniquely personalised retreat. Additionally, the joy of decorating together adds flair to your outdoor areas, whether it's with vibrant garden additions, twinkling fairy lights or handmade ornaments that infuse the space with a magical ambiance. Lifespan Kids invites families to embrace these DIY projects, fostering not only visual charm in the backyard but also creating cherished memories through shared creative endeavours. Let this summer be defined by the unique and heartfelt touches your family brings to your outdoor space, making it a season of shared creativity and lasting connections.

Other Activities

Step beyond the confines of the backyard and dive into the many captivating summer activities that promise diverse experiences for the whole family. Embrace the sun and surf with beach outings and swimming pool adventures, allowing the kids to revel in the refreshing waters and warm sunshine. Elevate family bonding with scenic picnics in local parks or nature reserves, indulging in delicious treats amidst the natural beauty of summer. Stay connected to your community by participating in summer-specific events like local festivals and themed gatherings, offering additional avenues for family fun and exploration. Lifespan Kids encourages families to seize the variety of joys summer brings, creating a season of shared adventures, laughter and cherished memories beyond the backyard.


Play Centre

Lifespan Kids is your ultimate partner in crafting a vibrant and exciting summer for children of all ages. From outdoor activities that promote physical well-being to water-based backyard adventures providing a cool respite from the heat, and family DIY projects fostering creativity, our diverse range ensures there's something for every family. With plenty of options and a commitment to family fun, Lifespan Kids invites you to explore, create and savour the joys of summer, promising a season filled with laughter, exploration, and lasting memories for the entire family.

Remember, if you have any questions regarding our range, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team and we'll be happy to help you out.

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