Assembly Services

Lifespan products are designed for easy assembly and setup, however, we also offer a on-site assembly service so you can enjoy your new purchase, hassle free.

How Assembly Works


Add the appropriate assembly service you require into your cart. Check the Category list to see which category your service falls under.


Payment is cleared for subsequent dispatch and booking of the assembly services.


Booking is made with our assembly company, who will contact you within 48 hours of dispatch to schedule attendance date (& time).

Category List

Select a category from the list and simply add assembly service at the bottom of the page.


Category 1


Category 1
  • Swish Basketball Ring Assembly & Attach to Trampoline on Same Order (Not for already assembled Trampoline)
  • Wilder Web Swing 60cm/100cm/120cm

Category 2


Category 2
  • Admiral Play Boat
  • Alfresco Mobile Kitchen
  • Blossom Flower Box
  • Cellar Metal Web Swing (No Slide)
  • Chef's Kitchen
  • Creativ Drawing Board
  • Galilee Village House/Pink Galilee Village House
  • Lil Monkey Climbers (Everest & Olympus)
  • Magical House
  • Oakley Swing Set with Spidey Web Swing
  • Pepper Picnic Table
  • Pikler Climbing Frame - Cube
  • Pikler Climbing Frame - Triangle
  • Rocking Horse by Classic World
  • Strongbox Sandpit
  • Strongbox XL Square Sandpit
  • Swish Basketball Ring with Metal Swing Set Adaptor
  • Swish Basketball Ring with Wooden Swing Set Adaptor
  • Does not include concrete anchoring or securing to other posts or walls.
  • Swish Basketball Set Up on Existing Assembled Trampoline

Category 3


Category 3
  • Bloom Growable Swing Set with Quadpod Baby Swing Seat
  • Cellar Metal Web Swing With Slide
  • Cooper Climb & Slide
  • Slides
    (Slippery Slide, Sunshine 2.2m and Jumbo 3.0m)
  • Holt and Wesley Swing Set
  • Hurley 3 Metal Swing Set (No Slide)
  • Lil Monkey Dome Climber
  • Pikler Climbing Frame - Arch
  • Play Kitchens (Pink Kitchen; Ramsey Outdoor Play Kitchen; Retro Blue Play Kitchen; Superior Kitchen; Vintage Play Kitchen)
  • Sandpits: Large Sandpit, Boat Sandpit, Mighty Rectangle Sandpit, Grand Octagonal Sandpit
  • See Saws: Bubble, Twirl and Rocka
  • Splash Sand and Water Table
  • Does not include concrete anchoring or securing to other posts or walls.

Category 4


Category 4
  • Amazon Monkey Bars 2/3m with Timber Post
  • Amber and Forde Swing Sets
  • Daintree Monkey Bar & Swing Set
  • Happy Villa Dollhouse by Classic World
  • Jack Sandpit with Canopy and Wheels
  • Lynx 4 Station Metal Swing Set (No Slide)
  • Outback Interactive Sandpit
  • Play Kitchens (TP Muddy Madness Kitchen, TP Muddy Maker Kitchen)
  • Opal Dome Climbing Frame
  • Sandpits: Explorer, Skipper, Captain, Joey
  • Sunset Picnic Table with Umbrella
  • Sunrise Sand and Water Picnic Table
  • Titan Heavy Duty Swing Set
  • TP Play Kitchen: Muddy Madness & Muddy Maker
  • TP Forest Acorn Growable Swing Set (Frame only)
  • TP Forest Acorn Growable Swing Set with Quadpod Baby Swing Seat
  • Winston 4 Station Swing & Slide
  • Does not include concrete anchoring or securing to other posts or walls.

Category 5


Category 5
  • All 8ft to 14ft HyperJump Plus/2/3 Spring and Springless Models
  • 7ft x 10ft HyperJump R Trampoline
  • 8 x 12ft HyperJump R Trampoline
  • Eden Outdoor Play Kitchen
  • Junior 7ft Trampolines
  • Mini 40" Trampolines
  • Poppy Junior Playcentre
  • Roma Outdoor Play Kitchen
  • TP Genius Octagonal Trampoline 10/12ft Model
  • Does not include Basketball Hoop assembly
  • Does not include concrete anchoring or securing to other posts or walls.

Category 6


Category 6
  • 16ft HyperJump Plus/2/3 Spring and Springless Models
  • All 8ft to 14ft HyperJump 4 Models
  • Albert Park Playcentre
  • Archie Cubby House (No Slide)
  • Bentley Cubby House
  • Hawke & Monash Swing Set
  • Hurley 3 Metal Swing Set With Slide
  • Pallas Play Tower with Green/Yellow Slide
  • TP Forest Toddler Swing Set & Slide
  • TP Infinity Leap Trampoline
  • Wombat Plus Playhouse
  • Wombat SL Playhouse with Slide
  • Wrangler Rectangular Sand and Play
  • Does not include concrete anchoring or securing to other posts or walls.

Category 7


Category 7
  • 16ft HyperJump 4 Trampoline Model
  • Aiden Cubby House
  • Aberdeen Cubby House
  • Archie Cubby House (With Slide)
  • Cafe Chino Cubby House
  • Jackson Cubby House
  • Junior Jungle Flying Fox Module
  • Junior Jungle Kakadu
  • Junior Jungle Kuranda
  • Junior Jungle Madagascar
  • Junior Jungle Monkey Bar Module
  • Junior Jungle Monsoon
  • Junior Jungle Panama
  • Junior Jungle Safari
  • Junior Jungle Tanzania
  • Junior Jungle Tarzan
  • Junior Jungle Zambia
  • Marina Boat Play Centre
  • Teddy Cubby House Set (V1/V2)
    (With Floor Or Without)
  • Sandpit: Playfort
  • TP Hill Top Cubby House with Slide
  • TP Hill Top Cubby House without Slide
  • TP Treetops Tower Fort Cubby House
  • Wallaby 2 Cubby House
  • Winchester Cubby House (No Elevated Platform)
  • Does not include concrete anchoring or securing to other posts or walls.

Category 8


Category 8
  • Camira Cubby House
  • Dome Climber 2.5m Green (Steel)
  • Hamilton Cubby House
  • Pallas Play Tower With Green/Yellow Slide and Swings
  • Summit 2m Dome Climber
  • Does not include concrete anchoring or securing to other posts or walls.

Category 9


Category 9
  • Orangutan Climbing Cube Jungle Gym Play Centre
  • Silverton Cubby House with Rock Climbing Wall
  • Silverton Cubby House with 1.8m Slide
  • Springlake Playset (Green or Yellow Slide)
  • TP Loft Wooden Playhouse
  • Warrigal Cubby House
  • Warrigal Cubby House with Pergola
  • Winchester Cubby House with Elevation Platform and Slide
  • Does not include concrete anchoring or securing to other posts or walls.

Category 10


Category 10
  • BYD Aspen Playhouse
  • BYD Atlantis Play Centre
  • BYD Buckley Hill Play Centre
  • BYD Cedar Cove Play Centre
  • BYD Echo Heights Cubby House
  • BYD Grayson Peak Play Centre
  • BYD Hillcrest Play Centre
  • BYD Lakewood Play Centre
  • BYD Monticello Play Centre
  • BYD Northbrook Play Centre
  • BYD Oakmont Play Centre
  • BYD Prairie Ridge Play Centre
  • BYD Scenic Cubby House
  • BYD Scenic Heights Cubby House (No Slide)
  • BYD Spring Cottage
  • BYD Somerset Play Centre
  • BYD Tuscon Play Centre
  • Coburg Lake Play Centre
  • Finley Cubby House
  • BYD Montpelier Play Centre
  • BYD Skyfort II Play Centre
  • BYD Sunnydale Play Centre
  • BYD Tanglewood Play Centre
  • Kingston Playcentre with Monkey Bars
  • Does not include concrete anchoring or securing to other posts or walls.
  • *Minimum charge for assembly services including call out fee is $80.00
  • *On-site assembly does not include relocation or delivery of the product.
  • *Our service covers all capital cities and most areas. If you are located at a Rural or remote area, please contact us so we can find out for you if this service is available.
  • *Our standard service is only for the assembly of the product and doesn't include fixing the product to any walls or flooring. This service is for new products out of the box only.
  • *This service involves a 1-person assembler who will assemble onsite, but at their discretion, may not be able to help lift or relocate heavy items.
  • *This service is separate from the Delivery service, and may be scheduled in on a separate day from delivery.

Assembly Terms and Conditions

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