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    Superior Play Kitchen by Classic WorldSuperior Play Kitchen by Classic World
    A Stylish modern kitchen with multiple play points that let children explore and experience the wide range of...
    Multi-Functional Easel by Classic WorldMulti-Functional Easel by Classic World
    This foldable easel has a chalkboard and magnetic whiteboard for children to create nice drawings. The scale on...
    Golf Set by Classic WorldGolf Set by Classic World
    Watch as your little ones tee off for hours of active fun with the Classic World Golf Set,...
    Multi Activity Cube by Classic WorldMulti Activity Cube by Classic World
    This wooden multi-activity cube toy is designed to help develop essential early learning skills in children. There are...
    Vintage Play Kitchen by Classic WorldVintage Play Kitchen by Classic World
    Open up a detailed imaginative world for your child with the Classic World Vintage Kitchen, featuring everything they...
    Pink Play Kitchen by Classic WorldPink Play Kitchen by Classic World
    Your child will enjoy pretend play with this stylish, simple, modern kitchenette. Children will have fun as they...
    Blue Retro Play Kitchen by Classic WorldBlue Retro Play Kitchen by Classic World
    Order up! Your aspiring chefs now have the perfect space to practice cooking in their very own play...
    Iris Piano by Classic WorldIris Piano by Classic World
    Inspire your mini maestros to create their own melodies and develop early musical skills with the Classic World...
    Tool Belt by Classic WorldTool Belt by Classic World
    Give your little builders a fun, creative set for some active, pretend play. With plenty of fun tools...
    Rocking Horse by Classic WorldRocking Horse by Classic World
    Go for a fun ride on the Classic World Rocking Horse. A rocking horse is a great early...
    It’s honey bee themed multi-functional activity cube that includes a bead maze, spinner, flip number card, slide rails...
    Pretend Play Rocket by Classic WorldPretend Play Rocket by Classic World
    Your kids will have a BLAST with the Classic World Pretend Play Rocket. Build on the rocket shells...
    Learning Walker by Classic WorldLearning Walker by Classic World
    Complete child's interactive toy! Features include xylophone (including matter), 3D shape sorter, workable gears, mirror, and storage compartment....
    Happy Villa Dollhouse by Classic WorldHappy Villa Dollhouse by Classic World
    The Classic World Happy Villa is your child’s little getaway as they explore and create in their very...
    My Little Home by Classic WorldMy Little Home by Classic World
    Gift your child a fully functional playtime haven with the Classic World My Little Home playhouse set. This...

    Early Development Toys

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    Learning & Development Toys

    Learning and development toys support children's early learning journey and satisfy curiosities towards their surroundings. Educational toys have endless benefits in boosting kids' development and encouraging creativity at a young age.

    Our early development toys assist children as they develop motor skills and begin critical thinking. Our toys use bright colours and unique shapes to enhance children's sense of sight through visual stimulation. Activity cubes and drawing easels contribute towards improving hand-eye-coordination and concentration skills as children begin to use their hands to play. Our baby walkers are there to support children as they begin to develop strength and take their first steps. Little ones can express themselves musically through our range of musical development toys designed to boost audio development. Older children can test the limits of their imagination with the Tubelox building sets which gives children creative freedom in what they can create.

    Introducing children to early development toys at a young age can nurture cognitive development and support little bodies as they develop fine motor skills. During the early stages, sensory toys are beneficial for stimulating children's senses and helping them become more aware of the sounds, colours and movements around them. As little ones become more active, walkers, rocking horses and activity cubes will teach coordination and balance. Getting children involved in educational toys at a young age is critical in giving them a head start.

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