Pretend Play

Encourage imagination and creative playtime. Our pretend play range supports role-playing in kids with play kitchens, workbenches, and imaginative play tents.

Mixer by Classic World
Why not prepare a little dessert for your mom and dad to enjoy? Now it's possible with this...
Toaster Set by Classic World
This toaster set is complete with toast, butter, plates, wooden knives, and yogurt. Remember breakfast is the most...
Retro Mixer by Classic World
This retro style mixer is a great addition to your retro kitchen. Timeless style and great play function...
Cupcake Stand by Classic World
Our pretty pink cupcake stand includes 6 wooden cakes and treats with interchangeable tops and bottoms. Make your...
Woodworx Junior Workbench
Little hands make big inventions come to life with the Woodworx Junior Workbench. The little ones can have...
Bazoongi Knight Castle
    Assemble the knights of the round table to face off against a fearsome dragon in the Bazoongi Knight...
    Woodworx Workbench
      Get inventive in the workshop with the Woodworx Workbench. Little carpenters can play pretend on this vibrant, colourful...
      Piccolo Play Kitchen
        Yummy! Something smells good in the kitchen. The Piccolo Play Kitchen lets little cooks play pretend and bring...
        Chef's Kitchen Set by Classic World
        With this multi-functional modern kitchen your child will learn how to cook like a Michelin chef! This kitchen...
        Al Dente Play Kitchen
          Start whipping up a scrumptious feast with the Al Dente Play Kitchen. This medium sized kitchen has everything...
          Maria's Mansion Doll House
          The pretty pink Maria's Mansion provides hours of fun with over five rooms for your little ones dolls...
          Prestige V2 Play Kitchen
            Encourage your little chef to get creative with the Prestige Play Kitchen. Heaps of appliances equip you for...
            Bon Appetit Aqua Interactive Play Kitchen
            Imagine, explore and interact with the art of cooking. Let your little one's development begin with our Bon...
            Bon Appetit Pink Interactive Play Kitchen
            Imagine, explore and interact with the art of cooking. Let your little one's development begin with our Bon...
            Superior Kitchen by Classic World
            A Stylish modern kitchen with multiple play points that let children explore and experience the wide range of...
            Pink Kitchen by Classic World
            Your child will enjoy pretend play with this stylish, simple, modern kitchenette. Children will have fun as they...

            Play Kitchens

            Play pretend chef with one of our fully equipped kids play kitchens.

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            Play Kitchen Accessories

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            Doll Houses

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            Play Tents & Teepees

            Out of this world fun awaits in our fantastical tents and teepees.

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            Work Benches

            Little builders create big things with our safe and colorful workbenches.

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