Pretend Play

Encourage imagination and creative playtime. Our pretend play range supports role-playing in kids with play kitchens, workbenches, and imaginative play tents.


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Pretend Play

Our pretend play collection supports active imaginations and role-playing activities in children. Our range of play kitchens, work benches and play tents encourages creative play amongst young children. The collection supports younger children as they begin to become more active and show an interest in role-playing games. Kids can channel their inner chef on our indoor and outdoor kitchenette range with life-like kitchen features which may include a sink, stove, shelving area, oven and more. Our play tents and teepees are an excellent indoor cubby house alternative that gives your kids a cosy place to play and hide. Little ones can create new inventions on the workbench with blocks and tools for your little handyman. The sandpit range supports both active and pretend play with sandpits modelled after motor vehicles and boats so kids can play pretend driving or sailing with their little crewmates.

Lifespan Kids’ is there to encourage pretend play amongst children as their imaginations develop and they begin to show interest towards engaging in make-believe play. Imaginative play and acting out scenarios are recognised to assist in the development of children's hand-eye-coordination and gross motor skills. Participating in pretend games with other children can assist in developing children's language and social skills.

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