Yellow Steering Wheel
    Let your little driver take charge with this Yellow Steering Wheel attachment. Mounted to any of our play...
    Ship's Steering WheelShip's Steering Wheel
      Yarr! The waves are choppy, but we have our best navigator at the helm to keep us on...
        I spy with my little eye: something beginning with 'T'. Mount this Telescope attachment to any of our...
          Gaze out over mountain peaks or through the dense jungle with a Binoculars attachment. Mounted to any of...
          Small Climbing Rock SetSmall Climbing Rock Set
          Turn any outdoor play wall into a cliff face for young climbers to conquer with this Small Climbing...
          Play Equipment Steel Anchor Kit
          Stabilise your backyard play equipment with this Anchor Kit. Anchors dig into the ground so the play equipment...
          Metal Handle Pair (330mm)Metal Handle Pair (330mm)
          Make safety a priority and give your little ones a hand with this Metal Handle Pair. Mounted to...
          Large Climbing Rock Set
          Let your little climbers scale a cliff face to enter their cubby with this Large Climbing Rock Set....
          Superior Kitchen by Classic WorldSuperior Kitchen by Classic World
          A Stylish modern kitchen with multiple play points that let children explore and experience the wide range of...
          Plastic Handle Pair (235mm)Plastic Handle Pair (235mm)
          It's safety first with this Plastic Handle Pair. Available in a range of fun colours, these handles are...
          Chef's Kitchen Set by Classic WorldChef's Kitchen Set by Classic World
          With this multi-functional modern kitchen your child will learn how to cook like a Michelin chef! This kitchen...
          Kids Play WorkbenchKids Play Workbench
            Little hands make big inventions come to life with the Kids Play Junior Workbench. The little ones can...
            Al Dente Play KitchenAl Dente Play Kitchen
              Start whipping up a scrumptious feast with the Al Dente Play Kitchen. This medium sized kitchen has everything...
              Alfresco Mobile Play KitchenAlfresco Mobile Play Kitchen
              Get ready to cook up a storm with our Alfresco Mobile Kitchen. Perfect for messy fun outside, with...
              Piccolo Play KitchenPiccolo Play Kitchen
                Yummy! Something smells good in the kitchen. The Piccolo Play Kitchen lets little cooks play pretend and bring...
                Mixer by Classic WorldMixer by Classic World
                Why not prepare a little dessert for your mom and dad to enjoy? Now it's possible with this...
                Pink Kitchen by Classic WorldPink Kitchen by Classic World
                Your child will enjoy pretend play with this stylish, simple, modern kitchenette. Children will have fun as they...

                Outdoor Play Kitchens

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                Play Equipment Accessories

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                Play Kitchen Accessories

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                Play Kitchens

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                Work Benches

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