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Best School Holiday Activities For Kids

Best School Holiday Activities For Kids

Another school holiday is upon us. Another break for the kids featuring adventure, excitement, and just good old fashioned fun - they need it. The school holidays also bring with them big crowds and after the year we’ve just had, that’s not something we’re looking to throw ourselves in. They also just make everything a lot less fun. Well, fret not. We’ve made a list of some of our favourite activities that will keep the kids entertained and let you beat the crowds these holidays.

Water Parks

What’s more fun on a hot, sunny day than splashing down a waterslide? Getting down to the local pool or water park is a great way to spend the summer holidays, but how can you possibly beat the crowds at a place like that? We’ve all seen the videos of people crammed, shoulder to shoulder in a wave pool. Fortunately you can bring the water park into your own backyard with Slide and Splash Inflatables. Inflatable play centers designed to be combined with a hose to turn your own backyard into a splishing, splashing good time this summer.

Adventure Playground

Another place you won’t escape crowds. Adventure playgrounds are an exhilarating way to keep kids busy these holidays. Zip lining is awesome fun, and out in the bush it’s a little easier to avoid people, but maybe just a bit too advanced for your little high flyers. You can set up a zip line in your own backyard with the Woomera Flying Fox Kit. Keeping it a little closer to the ground is a great way to ensure your kids have fun safely. If you have the space for it, you could even recreate the whole adventure playground experience with an all in one play center.

Jump Sky High

You could put kids on a trampoline and they’ll keep themselves busy for hours. Unfortunately, trampolining centres are another one of these locations where you are bound to run into a crowd and sometimes you even have to book ahead just to get in for an hour. Luckily, trampolining is the original holiday backyard fun pastime. Trampolines are even safer nowadays and come in a huge range of sizes to fit just about any backyard. Not to mention the accessories you can add now to make things even more exciting.

A Day At The Playground

Here’s an easy one to fall back on, spend a day at the local playground. That is, it would be a great fallback if they didn’t start shutting down local playgrounds. Bet you didn’t see that one coming at the start of 2020. That, of course, wasn’t a permanent measure, but it taught us not to rely too heavily on the local facilities we take for granted. As with any of the other activities listed here, the playground is something you can bring to you. What matters most to your little adventurer? Flying high on the swingset? Zipping down the slide? The monkey bars? Maybe it’s just a combination of everything the playground has to offer.

A Day At The Beach

Nothing beats a day at the beach during the hot Australian summer. It’s amazing fun and a great way to stay cool. It also gets busy when hundreds of similarly sweltering Australians flock to the shore. Not to mention the hassle of loading up the car, wrangling the kids, and driving all the way there and back. You’ll never be able to capture that beach day feeling at home but with a sandpit in your backyard you can capture the feeling of sand between your toes. Sandpits can keep kids entertained all day just like they would be at the beach, by building sandcastles and letting their imaginations run wild. 

Bring The Fun To You

There’s so much fun to get up to these holidays and so much time to get it done. Now is the perfect time to bring the excitement and adventure to your own backyard. The best part is that once it’s there it will always be there and guarantee weeks of endless fun for the kids these holidays, and the next one, and the next one!

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