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Creating the Perfect Backyard Playground

Creating the Perfect Backyard Playground


The backyard play space has been a staple of Australian childhoods for generations. With a little creativity, kids will turn any outdoor space into vast imagined worlds with endless possibilities. Putting together a great backyard playground is one of the best ways to get your kids to stay physically active outdoors, and to explore their own imagination. Whether you’ve got acres of land out back or just a humble, inner-city space, kids can still have a blast outdoors. With a little creativity and smart use of space, anyone can create a perfect backyard playground that kids will love, no matter how much space you have. We’ll explore various ideas and products that can turn any small backyard into a fun-filled play area. From swings and slides to trampolines and sandpits, there are plenty of options to suit different backyards and keep children entertained for hours. 

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Assess your space and set a budget: 

Before diving into the planning process, take a good look at your backyard and assess the available space. Consider the dimensions, terrain and any existing structures or features that may impact the design. Additionally, establish a budget to help guide your decision-making process. Having a clear idea of your budget will help you prioritise what you want and what you can do without.  

Backyard playgrounds can be either a large-scale play centre, or just a few well-placed products, and Lifespan Kids has options for every family.  

Options to consider:  

Now to the fun part. Let’s take a look at the classic options for backyard play equipment so you can better decide what will suit your space.  

  • Swing Sets

Swing sets are a real favourite for children of all ages and sizes, easily providing hours of thrilling playtime. Lifespan Kids has many different size options, from toddler swing sets to full metal structures. Our timber sets look especially good in any backyard, and are a great way to maintain your aesthetic for your outdoor space. Ensure you take time to level your swing set to guarantee a comfortable and safe playtime.  

  • Trampolines 

Trampolines offer high-flying fun and come in various sizes to fit different backyard spaces. From 8ft to 16ft, there is a trampoline for every yard. At Lifespan Kids, safety is a priority, with reinforced, secure netting, smart zipless entry and stability enhanced smart feet design. We have options with spring or springless designs ensuring a worry-free bouncing experience. Trampolines not only provide entertainment but also promote physical activity, motor skills development, and cognitive growth in children. 

  • Slides 

Slides are a playground staple and can be incorporated into small backyard spaces. With various sizes and styles available, including water slides for summer fun, slides provide a thrilling experience for kids. Safety features such as raised sides, non-stick surfaces, and weather-resistant materials ensure a secure sliding experience while promoting motor skills and confidence building. 

  • Sandpits

Building sandcastles and engaging in imaginative play is a breeze with a sandpit. Sandpits are versatile and fit into any backyard, with options available in different sizes. They provide endless possibilities for creative play and allow children to develop fine motor skills and expand their imagination. 

  • Climbing Frames 

Climbing frames offer a challenging and adventurous play experience for children. Dome climbers, climb and slide sets, and all-in-one play centres provide opportunities for strength development, coordination, and decision-making skills. With various accessories available, kids can customize their climbing experience and engage in role play. 

  • Monkey Bars

Backyard monkey bars are an exciting addition to any play area, allowing kids to swing, hang, and climb. From standalone sets to attachments for swing frames and play centres, monkey bars come in different sizes and materials. They promote active play, strength development, and coordination skills while providing endless fun for kids. 

  • Flying Fox/Zip Lines

For thrill-seekers, a flying fox or zip line can transform a backyard into an adventure zone. Flying fox kits and slackline sets offer excitement and challenge children to use their upper body strength and coordination. As kids master the flying fox, they gain confidence and embrace new backyard adventures. 

  • Seesaws 

Seesaws are a classic playground element that can be enjoyed in small backyard spaces. With the company of a friend, kids can rock and bounce on a seesaw, promoting social interaction and fun-filled playtime. 

Creative and Imaginative Elements 

Children love pretend play. Providing your little ones with opportunities to roleplay and explore their imagination is a great idea. This can include play kitchens, cubby houses, and endless play equipment accessories. If you want a cubby house that’s extra special, check out our blog post on the perfect cubby makeover 


Personalise your space 

The last step is to apply some finishing touches. This can involve landscaping some nice green spaces and plants throughout the backyard, or painting your equipment. Here you can involve your children in the decision-making process to determine what colours and themes they like for a truly personalised space.  


No matter what space you’re working with, creating a perfect backyard playground is within reach. By incorporating swings, slides, trampolines, sandpits, climbing frames, monkey bars, flying foxes or seesaws, kids can enjoy active play and unleash their imaginations. Get creative and provide a space where kids can have big fun outdoors.  

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