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Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Playtime has been rained out. It happens all too often, whether you are in Queensland and experience the tropical rainy summer, or Western Australia getting ready to head into the cold wet winter, or even Victoria... where it rains just about all year 'round. The park looked like a promising way to entertain the kids, but a deluge has come to spoil the fun. It’s easy to reach for the iPad, or turn on the TV instead, but here are some fun indoor activities that will let your kids play creatively on a rainy day.

Paint A Masterpiece

Rainy days are the perfect opportunities to get artistic. Painting is always a lot of fun for kids of all ages, and the perfect indoor activity. Their imaginations are a wondrous world. By spending the day drawing and painting, you give your little Picassos the chance to express themselves. A Multi-Functional Easel is an all in one station to launch the painting playtime fun. Draw with whiteboard markers, chalk, or attach some paper and paint. A dedicated art station takes the mess off the kitchen table.

Write A Symphony

It’s never too early for kids to pick up a musical instrument. In fact, the earlier the better. It’s a beautiful skill that will stay with your kids for the rest of their lives if you nurture it early. The bigger concert grand piano might be a bit daunting for young Motzarts, but this little Grand Piano is just what they need to turn a rainy day into a concert. Two and a half octaves is the perfect size for little pianists, letting them run up and down all the scales to play their favourite songs or compose one of their own.

Construct An Engineering Marvel

Kids love to build things. That’s probably not going to come as a shock to anyone. They build the most remarkable toys and towers because they don’t follow the same rigid constraints we as adults impose on our own constructions. A Tubelox Deluxe set is an amazing way for kids to put on their hard hats and build something incredible. Whether that’s a skyscraper, a playfort, or a helicopter, the only limit is their own imagination, which we already know is limitless.

Cook A Feast

It’s pouring outside, the fire’s roaring, and the whole house smells like freshly baked goodies. Rainy days are the best time to get in the kitchen and whip up a hearty meal or some sweet treats. Kids love to mimic mum and dad around the house, and sometimes it’s great to have a little sous chef to help you out, but the fast pace of the kitchen might be too much for some of the younger kids. That doesn’t mean they can’t whip up a hearty meal of their own on a play kitchen. They’re so realistic, it’s almost hard to tell them apart from the real thing. If rainy days are for DIY projects in your house, maybe the play pretend Workbench is more your speed. So many ways to create.

High Flying Fun

Just because you can’t go to the playground doesn’t mean you can’t bring the playground to you. For the littlest members of your family it’s still easy to experience the excitement of swinging in the breeze or zipping down the slide from under the shelter of your home. Toddler Swing and Slides and Activity Cubes are a great way to keep energetic kids moving and active even when they’re cooped up inside for a long while. 

Get Creative

There are so many ways to keep kids engaged when a rainy day keeps everyone inside. It’s easy to let them watch TV, but it’s often more rewarding to encourage their imagination and creativity. Hopefully some of our favorite indoor, rainy day activities have inspired you to find the perfect playtime for your kids that makes staying indoors just as much fun as going outside. 

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