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The Benefits of Seesaws for Children's Development

The Benefits of Seesaws for Children's Development

Seesaws are a timeless fixture of playgrounds worldwide. You've probably seen the way a seesaw can light up almost any child and produce a thrilling adventure for them. But what you may not know about is the wealth of development benefits this humble playground activity can have for young minds and bodies.

As they sway up and down, children are developing physical, cognitive, social and emotional pathways. Seesaws have the power to play an integral role in childhood development. Here, we'll highlight why these simple yet effective play structures remain a staple in children's play environments.

Physical Development Benefits

Seesaw play offers significant physical development benefits for children by improving balance and coordination, strengthening muscles and enhancing motor skills. Maintaining balance on a moving seesaw helps children develop a keen sense of overall coordination, essential for other physical activities and sports.

The action of pushing off the ground and controlling the seesaw strengthens various muscle groups, including the legs, core and arms, promoting muscle development and physical fitness. Seesawing involves complex motor skills that refine both fine and gross motor abilities, improving dexterity and control for everyday tasks.

Cognitive Development Benefits

Seesaw play provides valuable cognitive development benefits for children. Seesaws provide a hands-on lesson in cause and effect, as children quickly learn that their actions directly impact the movement of the seesaw. This understanding of action and reaction is fundamental to cognitive development and problem-solving skills. Using a seesaw also requires children to figure out how to balance their weight with that of their play partner.

They also learn the importance of taking turns, as both partners need to cooperate to enjoy the seesaw ride, fostering patience and turn-taking abilities. Playing on a seesaw helps children develop spatial awareness, as they must understand their position relative to the seesaw and their partner. This spatial awareness is crucial for tasks that require navigation and coordination.

Social and Emotional Development Benefits

Seesaw play fosters crucial social and emotional development skills for children, including cooperation and communication with their play partner. Collaborating to make the seesaw move requires children to work together, teaching them the importance of cooperation and teamwork. Through shared enjoyment of the seesaw, children learn to negotiate, compromise and support each other, laying the foundation for positive social interactions.

Furthermore, seesawing encourages communication between play partners as they coordinate their movements and express their needs and preferences. Effective communication on the seesaw promotes empathy, understanding and respect for others' perspectives, nurturing healthy social relationships and emotional intelligence.

Tips for Parents

For parents seeking to ensure their child's safe and enjoyable seesaw experience, supervision and proper setup are imperative. Vigilant supervision while children use the seesaw helps prevent accidents and ensures safe play, while setting up the seesaw in a hazard-free environment further reduces risks. Regular checks for stability and adjustments as needed contribute to a secure play environment.

Planning play dates for children to enjoy seesaw play with friends or siblings can also enhance social interaction and provides opportunities for practicing cooperation, communication and sharing. These play dates not only foster friendships but also boost social skills and contribute to overall development beyond seesaw play alone.


From improving balance and coordination to fostering teamwork and communication skills, seesaw play is an enriching experience for children of all ages. By supervising seesaw activities and ensuring safe setup, parents can provide their children with a fun and secure environment for growth and learning. Moreover, organising play dates allows children to enjoy seesaw play with friends, enhancing social interaction and promoting valuable developmental skills. As you consider incorporating seesaw play into your child's routine, remember that Lifespan Kids offers a range of options to suit your needs, ensuring endless opportunities for active and engaging play.

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