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What Trampoline Should You Get?

What Trampoline Should You Get?

We’ve been out bouncing in the backyard for generations. Back when we were younger, a lot younger for some of us, the trampoline was a simple piece of equipment that came with a lot of risk. Since our youth, trampolines have become infinitely safer and more fun for kids to play on, so much so that trying to figure out which trampoline to get becomes a bit confusing. We’re here to help take out the guesswork and find the trampoline that’s perfect for you and your family.

The Classic Spring Trampoline

The original spring trampoline is still in vogue and still gives you the best bounce imaginable. The HyperJump3 Spring Trampoline goes to great lengths to provide the most secure jumping surface for your high flyers. Padded mats cover the springs around the perimeter of the trampoline. They can jump higher still while they’re safely enclosed within the reinforced netting. The classic coil spring trampoline is perfect for adventurous families who want to reach for the sky with every bounce.

Springless Trampoline

One of the greatest causes of injury in old school trampolines was the springs and the sinister gap between the frame and mat. This problem has been almost entirely solved by new design trampolines that cover the springs with mats and nets, but some parents want that extra peace of mind. If that sounds like you then you’ll definitely want to go with a springless trampoline. Heavy duty elastic straps replace the springs to give you a big bounce without any risk of injury caused by small metal parts. The loss of springs does reduce the bounciness slightly but this is a trampoline for families that prioritise maximum safety.

Size And Shape

Not only are you spoiled for choice with safety features and quality components, modern day trampolines are also available in a massive range of sizes and shapes. The hugely popular circular trampoline offers a great bounce all across the surface of the trampoline. The HyperJump series comes in an enormous range of sizes from 8ft to 16ft with the spring design and 8ft to 14ft with the springless trampoline. Of course, every backyard is different and you need a trampoline that will fit your space. A rectangle trampoline at 10ft by 7ft tucks more snugly into smaller or narrower backyards but still gives kids a massive surface area to jump across and provides all the safety measures you can expect from the rest of the HyperJump series.

For The Little Jumpers

So what about the smaller members of your family? These bigger trampolines are pretty high off the ground, and while they can be easily accessed with a comfortable ladder, it’s still a bit daunting being so high up. The 7ft HyperJump Hoppy Trampoline is purpose built for the younger jumpers. At only 50cm off the ground this trampoline is much easier to climb in and out of. It also features a springless design and continues to prioritise safety with high walled netting and safety pads around the perimeter. This is the perfect kids trampoline to offer little ones the chance to get out and bounce while still feeling safe to try new things.

Bouncing Indoors

For the very smallest jumpers in your family the Lil’ Hopper mini trampoline is the best introduction to putting a little hop in their step. The Lil’ Hopper is very low to the ground and features a handrail to let them bounce to their heart’s content without ever having to worry about serious injuries. This is the indoor trampoline that will keep your toddlers from bouncing off the walls.

The Sky’s The Limit

With so many trampolines to choose from it can feel a little overwhelming figuring out which one is right for your family. Hopefully this guide has helped you understand a few of the trampoline designs that are currently on the market. Only you know what’s best for your kids, but rest assured that trampoline designs are safer and more fun than they ever have been.

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